Our Mission

Support Our Police

Hope Honor Heal is dedicated to repairing the relationship between law enforcement and the communities they protect.


Our Values

  • Hope – Hope that together we can make a better tomorrow.
  • Honor – Honor those who dedicate their lives to serving our communities.
  • Heal – Heal the racial injustices of the past through open dialog and local, state legislative reform



Help end the conflict the between law enforcement and the communities they protect.

  1. Establish a “Hope Honor Heal Oath” that communities and law enforcement agencies can adopt as a public/private promise toward resolution.
  2. Host community listening sessions to promote dialogue and discussion
  3. Create online content that addresses the viewpoints of all sides 


Raise awareness of the mental health needs of survivors of traumatic violence.

  1. Host the “Hope Honor Heal 5K Walk” during Mental Health Awareness Month
  2. Host webinars to educate law enforcement and community members about the mental health impact of traumatic violence
  3. Raise funds for non-profit organizations that provide mental services for law enforcement and at-risk communities 


Support policy that addresses the systemic issues of biased policing and racial injustice.

  1. Advocate for the creation of the “Hope Honor Heal Act” which seeks to provide a legal framework for enacting meaningful reforms.
  2. Collaborate with law enforcement policy makers and community leaders to suggest policy
  3. Raise public awareness to existing policies and the effect of said policies on both law enforcement and communities